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The Caribbean African Faith- based Leadership Conference

The CAFBLC is a United States faith-based organization that represents the interest and welfare of the Caribbean and Africa faith communities in the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean. We are committed to speaking truth to power on behalf of the powerless including victims of health disparities, poverty, religious persecution, and other human rights violations, regardless of one’s, faith, gender, and ethnicity. CAFBLC facilitates outreach, and connections with US Government agencies, US Congressional Representatives, African and Caribbean Embassies, faith-based organizations and other stakeholders to create opportunities for economic development, peace, religious freedom, youth advancement and unbiased access to good healthcare and development priorities to address existing needs and emerging threats to safety and security, physical and mental health challenges.

CAFBLC Annual Conferences

CAFBLC, host annual conferences, symposiums and international award ceremonies that have brought together faith, civic and diaspora leaders from different nations and religious traditions and facilitates dialogue, linkages, connections, and partnerships with federal agencies, multilateral corporations and diaspora organizations that are engaged in healthcare, faith-based partnerships and economic development. We have hosted workshops and collaborate with other enterprises that address issues such as public health, HIV Aids and sexually transmitted disease, stigma, blindness, trauma and chronic illness. We have also facilitated interventions, briefings and meetings with the White House Office of Public Engagement, USAID, US Department of State, DHS/FEMA, Health and Human Services Faith-based Centers and the Pan African Health Organization (PAHO) in connection with the Ebola outbreak, Internally Displaced People and refugee crises in Africa and the mobilization of healthcare enrollment and disaster relief.

Missions Supported

CAFBLC, have facilitated sponsorships for several activists, faith leaders and victims of persecution to the United States Congress, USAID and the US Department of State Office of Human Rights, Civilian Security and Justice to share about the killings of Christians, terrorism, civilian onslaught and health disparities in Sub Sahara Africa. These persecutions and torture have led to the rise of Internally Displaced People (IDP) and refugee settlement which has increased public health, hypertension, and deaths. We have to mobilize several US Based churches and Diaspora organizations to partner and give financial support to healthcare, clean water, and other humanitarian projects.

CAFBLC, have a wide range of faith-based relationships and have demonstrated through our multiple programs, conferences, and platform, that facilitating, mission partnerships, connections, and civic engagement are models that work efficiently in mobilizing resources and the building of bilateral relationships throughout African, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the United States.

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